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If we are to save lives on the roads of our nation, it will take the collective efforts of transportation professionals in engineering, law enforcement, education and emergency response. is designed to be a clearinghouse of best practices, promising research efforts and the latest innovations in each discipline that are advancing traffic safety.

Too often, research results with the potential to save lives and improve roadway safety end up gathering dust on a shelf, instead of being shared and replicated in other states. What works well in one organization may also serve as a model for another organization – if they only knew about it. The purpose of is to provide a cross-disciplinary forum for sharing best practices and promising new research in the field of transportation safety.


  • Training Resources
  • Crash Cost Calculator
    This new online tool can help state highway safety professionals estimate the economic costs of specific crash types and assess the benefits of specific safety measures in terms of their State’s operating budget savings, and help win support for project approvals and passage of new safety laws.

Benchmark Programs

  • Zero Fatalities
    Utah - Zero Fatalities is a mutual effort from various states addressing the top behaviors that are killing people on America's roads.